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Elective Rotation: Working with adult patients with neurodevelopment disorders

Contact: Karla Panameño, Anne French

Location: Dutton Clinic

I chose to spend 2 weeks working with the Dutton Intellectual Disability Disorder (IDD) team. I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. French, Dr. Walker, and Dr. Camarata in their primary care clinic, three of the leading physicians in our County, who have vast experience taking care of patients with IDD. I did house visits with Dr. Walker. Worked with Dr. Korobkin, a child neurologist specializing in epilepsy in patients with NDD and Dr. Smith, a podiatrist with vast experience with IDD patients. I also worked on a project to update the IDD intranet tab to grant all clinicians easier access to various forms and toolkits that will aid in managing patient care.


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