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Behavioral Medicine

Companion Animals and Loneliness

Exploration of literature RE health effects of loneliness and the possibility of using companion animals as a targeted intervention. Sonoma County resources for pet owners with with economic disadvantage were also explored. I have a whole mini-lit review worth of articles that I was unable to upload here. Contact... more »

Integrative Psychiatry

Scott Shannon started the largest integrative psychiatric clinic in the country. I was able to follow both him and other providers at the clinic to learn about innovative approaches to treating psychiatric patients with natural methods.

Buprenorphine training

I spent 8 hours donig the PCSS-MAT Office-Based Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders via AOAAM to do buprenorphine training. This involved 4 hours of webinar training, of which there are a couple times month that one can do the training, followed by 4 hours of self-study which requires taking... more »

Self-designed Behavioral Health Elective

Three part behavioral health experience 1. Spent all day Monday shadowing Ari Harrison at the Sonoma County Access Clinic, where folks who are in subacute/new need of psychiatric services (acute likely hospitalized at crisis stabilization unit) come to be evaluated for diagnosis and workup (if any), make medication recommendations,... more »

Teach for UCSF – Clinical Workshops

Teach for UCSF is a program put on by UCSF to help training clinical teachers. The program is a series of workshops that are provided for free to the community. After completing all parts of the series of workshops, participants receive a certificate of clinical teaching. The fast-track days... more »


NADA training

NADA acupuncture is a specific protocol which involves just five points on the ear that help to treat anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. To become “certified,” an MD has to take a 2-day course and then perform the protocol on 40 people.

Addiction Medicine in Minnesota

Spent one week observing at the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at the University of Minnesota. It was a wonderful, varied experience. I got to spend time at the VA in their outpatient program, observed a few inpatient consults, tagged along for outpatient addiction consults at the U of M, went... more »

California Society of Addiction Medicine Conference Elective

Attended CSAM: State of the Art 2018 conference, where a wide variety of attendees and speakers discussed the latest in addiction medicine ranging from treatment, programs, research, etc in large and small group settings. I was a MERF scholar, where I got to attend the conference and get room/board... more »