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Electives Information

General Information

During the second and third years, each resident has a total of twenty weeks of elective time available in which to develop special interests and proficiencies. Residents may choose to spend eight weeks of elective time at other facilities at some distance from the program. Examples of electives from... more »

Adding Electives

It is our hope that adding electives is self expainatory.  You just click on the green ‘add elective’ button and if you are signed it it will bring up a form to fill out. Just follow the form sections to add your elective.  You can also comment on other... more »

Cycle 13

During cycle 13, the R3s generally work the specialty clinics (since R1s and R2s are tied up in the hospital) and continue with continuity clinics as well as taking overnight shifts for back-up/home call which includes going into hear evening or weekend morning sign-outs. My main advice for cycle... more »

Physician Acupuncture Training Course

Intensive acupuncture course with thorough introduction/review of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory complemented by 5 full days of non-stop practice with real patients. It was a practice changing experience. The course was designed to facilitate integration of acupuncture to your own patient panel and I have already started doing that.

Sutter lakeside

I spent 4 days at Sutter lakeside, with time shadowing on the inpatient medical/ICU floors, ED, and outpatient clinic. There are 2 family medicine clinics affiliated with the hospital, 2 cardiologists, 1-2 general surgeons, a couple orthopods, and the same ED group that works at the Sutter ER. Older... more »


Adolescent Medicine

Elsie Allen houses a Santa Rosa Community Health Center within their school but serves adolescents in all of Santa Rosa (and maybe outside as well). Many students from other schools get their primary care there. You’ll work with their Nurse Practitioner who runs the clinic. You see patients on... more »

Transgender Health

I worked with Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis on Thursday evenings. She holds a transgender clinic every Thursday from 6-9pm that alternates between the two locations. Suegee is a critical leader in trans health and shares both great clinical knowledge in addition to the history of trans health. You see patients... more »

Asylum Training

I spent a day on elective doing the asylum training with Lucia Roncalli. This was a full day at her house going through the pretty voluminous ledger of articles and information about different aspects of the asylum interview.

Plant based diet and preconception wellness research

For the first half of my elective, I spent time researching information about a plant-based diet and learning how to best practice this diet for myself as well as effectively share information with patients. I located resources to share with patients and practiced quick, affordable plant-based recipes that I... more »

Palliative Care Shadowing

I worked with the some of the palliative care physicians associated with Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, including Gary Johansen, Scott Eberle, and Austin Sue, to gain more experience in palliative care. With them I was able to attend interdisciplinary rounds at Memorial Hospice, do several home visits, take inpatient... more »


Spanish Language School in Oaxaca, MX

I took Spanish language classes at the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca (ICO). It was beautiful and the quality of instruction was very high, focused primarily on speaking. I took general Spanish classes in the morning and then arranged private medical Spanish tutoring in the afternoons. The school also has... more »

shadowing community doc

Shadowed Dr. Brian Prystowsky at Sutter Peds. Great learning opportunity. Each patient allowed teaching and pearls. Bryan is excited to have us. And also opportunity to shadow with the rest of the Peds docs there who have been practicing many many years.

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

I attended the annual summit of the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC), the California Palliative Care organization. It was primarily an educational conference, with presenters from the fields of medicine, chaplaincy, social work, etc.

Integral QiGong Training

This was a weeklong immersive Integral QiGong Practice Leader Certification program. The curriculum ranged from the philosophical basis of QiGong to the physiologic benefits. We learned how to teach basic and accessible mind body practices to any audience.

FQHCs Sacramento Area

I worked at CommuniCare FQHC in Woodland, CA with Dr. Edge. I learned about their integrated MAT program with wraparound services and saw patients with Dr. Edge to learn more about the patient population and FQHC systems in the Greater Sacramento Area. I also met with Dr. Pinot at... more »


Spanish Immersion and Study

I traveled to Mendoza, Argentina for intensive Spanish language study and language immersion. I had private tutoring lessons with Ana Maria Troncoso of SIMA Spanish. We would meet for didactics for a half a day every day and then I would do self-study through a workbook the other half... more »

Refugee Health Program

I spent two days shadowing Dr. Mishra at the Refugee Health Program in hopes of learning more about refugee health. I found that this clinic is not a continuity clinic site, but a site where an initial visit is done for whole refugee families soon after they arrive into... more »

Wilderness First Responder Certification

I completed an 80 week course to get my Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While I would have preferred to do AWLS (Advanced Wilderness Life Support) it was not offered at the time, but WFR was still worthwhile additional training. Learning to treat and triage... more »

Adolescent Health

Area: Adolescent Health Clinical sites: Elsie Allen School Health Center, SRCH MSK clinic, SRCH SAFE Clinic, Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine National Conference. Focus: greater exposure to adolescent health, experience in adolescent health visits, topics pertinent to adolescent health (msk, substance use, school health center), and review of... more »


I spent several days during elective time with Dr. Jimenez completing vasectomies at Planned Parenthood in San Rafael. This was my first exposure to the procedure and Dr. Jimenez as always did a great job of teaching the procedure and gradually providing enough autonomy to complete all parts of... more »


Hospice Care in Uganda

I spent some time working for a wonderful organization called Hospice Jinja, in rural Uganda, that serves the community and provides hospice and palliative care to patients, who are often home-bound or have difficulty accessing medical services. I spent most of my time doing home visit in the surrounding... more »

Care of Newborn Elective Selective

Care of Newborn Elective – Understand key developmental milestones and common medical issues of newborns through reading the following: AAP “Caring for your Baby and young child” pages 3-153, Harvey Karp MD’s “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, the “Happiest Baby’s Guide to Sleep” – Improve upon counseling skills... more »

Adolescent Medicine

I spent M-F working in school based teen clinics. worked with CHO faculty and residents. Care for adolescents including: eating disorders, MSK, gyn and sexual health, well visits, mental health, etc. great option for adolescent health exposure and great teaching!

UC Davis Mind Institute IDD Module and AADMD modules

In addition to my time at Dutton with the IDD team. I also spent time completing modules to learn about how to assess for various diagnosis in patients with varied non-verbal neurotypical disorders. I found the AADMD PEDS module to provide a good basic foundation of knowledge about how... more »

POCUS course

There was no change from my elective experiences and what I wrote on my elective form. During my elective selective the primary bulk of my time was used attending a Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) course in Portland, OR and attending the AAFP Conference in Kansas City, MO. The... more »


Rural Family Medicine in Alaska

I spent a week at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) Clinic in Juneau, Alaska. I had previously spent six weeks with them at a more rural clinic in Haines, AK. Both experiences have been wonderful. It is a fantastic opportunity to see how a resource-constrained (in terms... more »