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Burning Man Emergency Medical Volunteer

Once a year 60,000 people gather for a week on a dry lake bed in the Nevada desert for one of the largest festivals/art shows in the world — Burning Man! — and they need a crew of medical volunteers to staff two triage tents. In addition to a... more »

UCSF Critical Ultrasound Course

Excellent 2-day ultrasound course covering ER and primary care ultrasound. No OB/Gyn ultrasound included. Lots of hands on practice.

Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound in Community Hospitals

I spent one long shift working with Dr Dolan at the Sonoma Valley Hospital seeing patients in the Emergency Room under his guidance and finding every opportunity possible to practice bedside ultrasound. It was an excellent way to experience a small community hospital’s emergency room and to see what... more »

Sugar Bowl Urgent Care

I worked alongside Dr. Cheryl McBride, a Kaiser Santa Rosa emergency physician who is also sports med trained, at the Sugar Bowl Urgent Care clinic. Dr. McBride volunteers at Sugar Bowl 4 days per ski season, so ask early and cross your fingers that your elective time matches her... more »

Sutter lakeside

I spent 4 days at Sutter lakeside, with time shadowing on the inpatient medical/ICU floors, ED, and outpatient clinic. There are 2 family medicine clinics affiliated with the hospital, 2 cardiologists, 1-2 general surgeons, a couple orthopods, and the same ED group that works at the Sutter ER. Older... more »


Procedures in ER/ICU

I spent a few days in the hospital in the ER, the ICU, and on the floors to do procedures. It was nice to be available in the hospital without having to be on call! I got to do a paracentesis, creatively performed an I&D on an admitted patient’s... more »

Lakeside ER and Contracosta Ultrasound Course

I worked in the Lakeside ED with Dr. John Stein, did a two days point of care ultrasound course at Contra Costa, and worked with a retired radiologist to improve my primary care/emergency medicine radiology skills. My experience in the Lakeside ED was fantastic preparation for working in a... more »

ED at Sonoma Valley ED

Spent multiple 12-hour shifts with Drs. Matel and Dolan in the SVH ED. Great experience for those interested in ED, rural medicine, or procedures. For those who want to get better at US, is a great experience because you can US normals and abnormals. Would totally recommend for learning!... more »

Radiology with Dr. Schibel

Dr. Schibel, Lord of Retired Radiology, will spend as little or as much time with you focusing on reading XRs and CTs on a light box in his house. Can choose a focus as he has many scans available. Great starting points for IM and ED work are CXRs,... more »

Custom EM, wilderness medicine

I did a custom elective selective rotation focusing on emergency medicine direct experiences and reading, along with further wilderness medicine reading. Most if it was more very productive time at Sutter Lakeside emergency room with Dr. Stein. It also included independent reading into ultrasound techniques, wilderness medicine reading.


Lakeside ED

The highlight of this ES was working in the Lakeside Emergency Room. This emergency room would provide a good rotation for any resident who is comfortable working independently in the ED setting. It provides good opportunity for I&D, intubation, central lines, paracentesis, spinal taps and more. Perhaps my favorite... more »

emergency medicine preparation

I did a combination of anesthesia intubation training at the Sutter OR, as well as EKG review at home. I also spent an afternoon doing hip injections with Dr. Neid at Kaiser.