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Family Medicine


Multiple half days of this elective were dedicated to improving the quality and content of our training with regards to becoming better teachers.  A rather free form elective, the majority of halfdays dedicated to this topic included: Creating a formal teaching cirriculum, formulating a needs assesment focusing on how... more »

Ecuador FM

Worked and lived with Ecuadorian doc and his family, attending to patients in his home clinic/pharmacy/tienda, then also taking call shifts in local (1 h away) general hospital, attending deliveries, ER calls and inpatient visits.

HIV Medicine, telemedicine

1) Completed HIV online modules for CME through UWashington website, as part of the HIV training track. 2) Shadowed Dr. Jim Gude to experience the telemedicine robot system he has established to support rural ICUs in California and under-resourced hospitals globally.

Ambulatory Chief & Women’s Health Procedures & Career Development & FPC Clinic

I spent 2 weeks supplementing my many FPC clinic days and Ambulatory Chief duties with time for womens health procedures including 2 full days at Planned Parenthood to do some advanced training in abortions and one morning at Southwest Community Health Center with Dr. Enrique Sanchez doing colposcopies. I... more »

Elective Selective: women’s health procedures

There was an extra Women’s Health block available during this cycle so I was able to do 2 weeks of mostly women’s health procedures. I did Vista TAB clinic, Vista colpo clinic (although I was again only able to do 1 colpo over the course of 2 clinics), and... more »


Asylum Evaluation and Human Rights

1) Asylum evaluations on Mondays with Lucia plus 1-2 half days to complete the write up. Will also need to do about 1hr of prep work reading the declaration ahead of time. The first one is a shadow and learning experience. Residents must commit to doing a second one... more »

Career Development

In an effort to see various practice settings and better understand the challenges of rural medicine, I visited a sampling of recent graduates who are in the first several years out of residency. Some are now either fulfilling their National Health Service Corps requirements, others work at school health... more »

Health at Every Size

For my elective, I spent two weeks exploring topics related to obesity, its impact on health and wellness, and ways in which we can improve our approach to caring for patients of size as well as their health outcomes. In particular, I spent some time learning more about an... more »

Elsie Allen clinic

I spent a few days working with Erin Moilanen at the Elsie Allen clinic, located at Elsie Allen High School in southwest Santa Rosa. I did direct patient visits, not shadowing, mostly on reproductive health and STD testing, but a smattering of other stuff. You will give the depo... more »

Inpatient palliative care

I spent a few days working with the inpatient palliative care/hospice team at Kaiser. They follow end-of-life patients and other patients who need POLST forms filled out prior to discharge. It was useful for ongoing exposure to these topics, but not the highest yield for my time.


PAMF Shadowing

I shadowed the various Palo Alto Medical Foundation urgent care and family practice clinics in Santa Cruz County, including the Main Clinic, the West Side Clinic and the Scotts Valley Clinic.

Sutter lakeside

I spent 4 days at Sutter lakeside, with time shadowing on the inpatient medical/ICU floors, ED, and outpatient clinic. There are 2 family medicine clinics affiliated with the hospital, 2 cardiologists, 1-2 general surgeons, a couple orthopods, and the same ED group that works at the Sutter ER. Older... more »

Adolescent Medicine

Elsie Allen houses a Santa Rosa Community Health Center within their school but serves adolescents in all of Santa Rosa (and maybe outside as well). Many students from other schools get their primary care there. You’ll work with their Nurse Practitioner who runs the clinic. You see patients on... more »

Transgender Health

I worked with Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis on Thursday evenings. She holds a transgender clinic every Thursday from 6-9pm that alternates between the two locations. Suegee is a critical leader in trans health and shares both great clinical knowledge in addition to the history of trans health. You see patients... more »

Cloverdale CHC

I shadowed Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Fish on separate days at Cloverdale. I had the opportunity to see many Spanish speaking and OB patients, and see the unique difficulties faced by living 45 minutes north. Excellent Spanish experience, and great to have experience working in another local CHC.



I shadowed Dr. Fish and got to see the patient population of the Alexander Valley (Cloverdale) Health Center. In addition to getting to see what types of patients are in the area, I got to witness how the clinic is run and functions on a daily basis.

Alliance Medical Center

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic... more »

West County Health Center (Contra Costa)

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic... more »

Sebastopol Community Health Center

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic... more »

La Clinica

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic... more »


Hayward Wellness Center

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic... more »

Adolescent Medicine

I have always been interested in Adolescent medicine and spent 2 weeks working on the topic. I completed an online AAFP module about adolescent medicine. The module cost $300, but was reimbursable. It consisted of PDFs of PowerPoint slides with the audio from the lectures that went with the... more »

Elsie Allen

For one week of my elective I worked at the Elsie Allen High School health center. There, I was able to see multiple adolescent patients and precepted with the head NP. The pace of the clinic is great – leaving time to really get to counsel the teens on... more »

Hepatitis C

I devoted two weeks of my elective away to studying Hep C. My days really varied. I spent the first week working at Hep C/HIV clinic in Santa Fe, NM. During this week, I spent a few half days doing online Hep C modules. The following week, I returned... more »

Inpatient Medicine at Kaiser

I spent my elective time working with the inpatient medicine team rounding on patients in the morning and then doing admissions with the admitting hospitalist in the afternoon. It was a very high-yield elective for those desiring more inpatient medicine experience as I was given the freedom to only... more »



While another resident was out on maternity leave, I was able to take the days she was previously scheduled in procedures clinic.

Rural family medicine practice

Rotated through various sites in the Open Door community health center system, including the mobile van in Eureka, rural women’s health clinic in Fortuna, general family practice in Arcata and McKinleyville. PLA is now in place, making it easy for other residents to rotate here. Stunningly beautiful place!

Mobile Van Elective

The Mobile Van is an ongoing program designed to work closely with local service agencies to increase access for underserved patients within our community. We aim to reduce barriers and stigmas surrounding the medical community for groups that may keep them from being seen in a regular clinic. During... more »

Palliative Care/Memorial Hospice/Hospice of Petaluma

Spent time with Drs. Gary Johansen, Andrew Wagner, and Jenny Fish and nurses working in hospice and palliative care. Was able to do home visits with nurses, intakes with NSWs and RNs, and visits with MDs. Was also able to do office pain and palliative care visits with MDs.

One Medical

One Medical is an innovative primary care group in the bay area. Many of our grads have practiced there. I went for a tour and interview and loved it! I highly recommend checking it out just to see what’s out there. (Gabriel Klapman)


ASCCP Course

4 day colposcopy course- amazing! Went from feeling like I probably knew what I was looking for on colpos- to feeling confident about my colposcopies. Also learned cryo, and got more practice with the instruments.

Full-Scope Family Med in Rural NC

I spent 1 week working with a grad from our program (Amy Marietta) who now works in Western NC in an FQHC there, as well as at the local hospital doing OB call. I also spent some time working with clinic’s community outreach team and financial assistance team.

Humboldt County Private Practice

The Humboldt County Independent Practice Association is excited to set up an elective shadowing a variety of physicians in private practice and the FQHC system. I shadowed family docs, someone doing integrative med, a pediatrician, neurologist and there is opportunity to do OB as well and other subspecialties. Housing... more »

Humboldt County Community Health Centers

I spent two weeks seeing patients in several different clinic sites of the Open Door Community Health Centers in rural Humboldt County. I worked with multiple family medicine providers (including SRFMR grad Val Ebel) doing primary care in Arcata, Eureka, McKinleyville, and Fortuna. I got to see experience their... more »

Online Obesity Education

http://impactobesity.com offers several free modules from an overview of obesity medicine to basic lifestyle modifications to obesity biology and medications. These modules helped increase my comfort in helping educate and motivate my patients, as well as supporting them in their goal to make healthy choices.


Spanish Immersion in Guatemala

I spent two weeks at Pop Wuj, a Spanish language immersion program that provides one-on-one lessons in conversational Spanish and maintains several outreach projects in the community. I enrolled in the Medical Spanish Program and as a part of this cohort I completed cultural competency courses, volunteered at the... more »

Rural Women’s Health

Working as a women’s health provider in a rural setting. Provided PAPs, breast exams, and women’s annual physicals. I highly recommend rotating with RCMS for a rural family practice experience. Good experience with a lot of autonomy. They provide housing!

Waimanalo Community Health Center, Hawaii

I spend 2 weeks working at the Waimanalo Community Health Center in Waimanalo, Oahu, HI. This is a lovely patient-centered medical home, which takes care of primarily native Hawaiian and South Pacific populations. I spent time in clinic with very motivated FM physicians who loved teaching, went to community... more »

Direct Primary Care (DPC) North Carolina Rotation

Spent 5 days working with Dr. Parker at his new Direct Primary Care clinic in Wilson, NC. Dr. Parker recently left a traditional model group practice to open his own low-overhead Direct Primary Care clinic. He has a patient panel of ~1,000 rural, mostly uninsured patients who pay $45... more »

FQHC experience in HI

Spent one week shadowing at Kokua Kalihi Valley (FQHC) in Honolulu, HI. Gained exposure to their diverse patient population, and gained insight into the comprehensive services that an FQHC in Hawaii can provide! This included a renovated clinic with space for education classes (i.e. DM, nutrition), space for youth... more »


CME conference

Attended 7th Annual Primary Care fall conference in Maui, Hawaii x1 wk and second week spent time shadowing at a local FQHC clinic in HI (perfect 2 week EA!). Solid review of primary care topics including DM, HTN, GYN, depression/anxiety, ID and Derm.

Natividad Inpatient Medicine

Natividad Medical Center in Salinas has several inpatient services staffed by residents, and one service that is currently only staffed by hospitalists. I did an elective 2 week away rotation working one-on-one with the hospitalists (both family medicine and internal medicine) who staff that service. I saw approx 10... more »

Palliative Care Shadowing

I worked with the some of the palliative care physicians associated with Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, including Gary Johansen, Scott Eberle, and Austin Sue, to gain more experience in palliative care. With them I was able to attend interdisciplinary rounds at Memorial Hospice, do several home visits, take inpatient... more »

Sonoma County Indian Health

During my time at Sonoma County Indian Health Services I was able to develop an understanding of how SCHIP provides health care to Indian communities in Sonoma County through direct patient care, discussions with staff, and independent study sparked by questions that arose during clinic. I predominantly saw patients... more »

Additional Geriatrics Training

Shadowing opportunity with Dr. Zelk at West County Community Health Center. Excellent exposure to geriatric patients and focus on specific geri topics including: transition of care visits, discontinuing medications, and visit planning for complex cases.


Coastal Health Alliance 8/9

I spent time shadowing at Coastal Health Alliance, a small FQHC nestled in Pt. Reyes Station. We saw a diverse group of patients ranging from local artists to farmworkers, acupuncturists, and engineers. The clinic atmosphere was warm and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Many patients traveled 30min... more »

Diabetes Care

Provides view into full scope of diabetes care

University of Washington Primary Care Update Conference

I attended the 46th Annual Primary Care Update Conference at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, Washington. The conference was attended by about 300 primary MDs, NPs, PAs, RNs and hosted by the School of Medicine. The conference was packed with 45-60 minute lectures and workshops... more »

Homeless Medicine / SUD with Dr. Garrison-Jeckel

Dr. Jared Garrison-Jeckel offers several services for homeless individuals and individuals with substance use disorders in West County that are definitely worth checking out! On Thursday mornings, there is a homeless services “fair” at the Town Hall in Guerneville where individuals without stable housing can take showers, find some... more »

NADA training

NADA acupuncture is a specific protocol which involves just five points on the ear that help to treat anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. To become “certified,” an MD has to take a 2-day course and then perform the protocol on 40 people.


DM2 (Endo/Podiatry) Potpourri

I spent a day with Dr. Magnotti (Sutter Endocrinology) and a day with Dr. D’Costa (Podiatry) to learn more not just about ancillary diabetes care, but also other endocrinological/podiatric issues.

Women’s Health Elective Selective

I organized a women’s health focused elective including extra R3 buddy shifts on labor and delivery, TEACH/CREATE advanced training abortion days at Planned Parenthood Walnut Creek and San Francisco, and focused project time for the High Risk OB Review Team.

California State Prison – CMF

I spent two weeks working at the California Medical Facility (CMF), a male-only California state prison medical facility in Vacaville, California. Dr. Michele Ditomas, a former UCSF Family Medicine graduate, organized the rotation and tailored it to my interests. I rounded on patients in the hospice wing and learned... more »

Homeless/Addiction/Endocrine/Shadowing Hodgepodge

Spent time with Dr. Garrison-Jakel in Guernevill, Dr. Greer doing his suboxone group at Petaluma Health Center, shadowed Dr. Magnotti in Sutter endocrine clinic, and spent a half day shadowing Drs. Neal and Bacon in their respective clinics

Working with adult patients with neurodevelopment disorders

I chose to spend 2 weeks working with the Dutton Intellectual Disability Disorder (IDD) team. I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. French, Dr. Walker, and Dr. Camarata in their primary care clinic, three of the leading physicians in our County, who have vast experience taking care of patients... more »


Rural Family Medicine in Alaska

I spent a week at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) Clinic in Juneau, Alaska. I had previously spent six weeks with them at a more rural clinic in Haines, AK. Both experiences have been wonderful. It is a fantastic opportunity to see how a resource-constrained (in terms... more »