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Prevention International, No Cervical Cancer (PINCC)

Cervical cancer is still a leading cause of cancer worldwide and it is totally preventable. PINCC is an independent organization out of Oakland that travels to areas of the world without access to cervical cancer screening. There the group of 1-2 doctors, a few nurses, and volunteers, works with... more »

Colposcopy – 1 day

Friday colpo clinics with Enrique Sanchez. 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Check with him ahead of time for the schedule. High-volume colpo, possibility of LEEPs. Great for getting higher volume procedure experience. Rotation for R3s, possibly R2s who’ve done WH month.

Women’s Health Procedures – Planned Parenthood Santa Cruz

The Planned Parenthood in Santa Cruz is run by a former graduate of SRFMR, Jennifer Hastings. She is a specialist in transgender care as well as practicing full spectrum family practice medicine. During my two weeks there I was able to spend time learning about transgender care, TAB training,... more »

Marie Stopes Mexico City

I spent one very busy, fun, and educationally rich week at the Marie Stopes clinic in Colonia Roma in Mexico City. Marie Stopes is a reproductive health organization based in the UK that is a major actor in providing safe and legal access to abortions worldwide. The Roma clinic... more »

Ambulatory Chief & Women’s Health Procedures & Career Development & FPC Clinic

I spent 2 weeks supplementing my many FPC clinic days and Ambulatory Chief duties with time for womens health procedures including 2 full days at Planned Parenthood to do some advanced training in abortions and one morning at Southwest Community Health Center with Dr. Enrique Sanchez doing colposcopies. I... more »


Elective Selective: women’s health procedures

There was an extra Women’s Health block available during this cycle so I was able to do 2 weeks of mostly women’s health procedures. I did Vista TAB clinic, Vista colpo clinic (although I was again only able to do 1 colpo over the course of 2 clinics), and... more »

ASCCP Comprehensive Colposcopy Training

I attended the annual Comprehensive Colposcopy Course provided by the ASCCP. This was an excellent 4-day conference that really boosted my confidence and exposure to findings on colposcopy and selecting sites and performing biopsies.

Abortion training in Mexico DF

I spent a rich month in Mexico City working at the abortion clinics CIPA and Acompanme. These clinics are run by a husband and wife (she is a generalist and he is a surgeon). They are leaders in abortion care in Mexico and throughout Latin America – having trained... more »

Family Planning and Adolescent Medicine

For my elective away, I decided to stay local and hone my adolescent medicine and family planning skills. I worked at Elsie Allen Teen Clinic on multiple occasions and really enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to place and remove Nexplanons, insert IUDs, do HEADSS assessments and sports physicals.... more »

TAB Clinics in Chico and Redding

Travel to Chico and Redding with a friendly graduate of the program for a long day (6:45 am to 10:30 pm) to perform abortions at two small women’s health clinics (two affiliates of Women’s Health Specialists). It is lower volume than Planned Parenthood but a great opportunity for advanced... more »


ASCCP Colposcopy Conference

The ASCCP colposcopy conference is extremely useful! From reviewing screening protocols to the pathophysiology of HPV and cervical cancer to colposcopy technique to LEEP procedure, to counseling around anal paps, I came away with lots of concrete, updated information that I’ll use in my practice. We also looked at... more »

Family planning / abortion care Phoenix

2 week elective at Camelback Family Planning Clinic in Phoenix Arizona, providing medication abortion, surgical abortion (up to 23w6d) and contraception care. Under the direction of family medicine trained physician, Dr. Goodrick.