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Integrative Medicine

TCM in China

It was a great opportunity to learn TCM where it originated, and learn about a whole different health system in one of the most fascinating countries currently. You can also be part of a movement to establish more family practice training sites in China.

Herbal Medicine-Shadowing at SCIHP

I shadowed Dr. Camarata at Sonoma County Indian Health Project. He works in their Integrative Medicine/Herbal Medicine clinic. This was a nice opportunity to work at SCIHP with Native patients as well as gain some exposure to Herbal medicine.

Herbal Studies Class

I spent two days in the beautiful gardens at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, taking an introductory “Bioregionalism” class on the medicine properties of some of our local native plants and herbs. The school is lovely, and the teachers are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and fun to... more »

Mindfulness Training

This was a week long intensive silent retreat focused on mindfulness meditation. It included periods of sitting and walking meditation and daily movement meditation. Instruction was provided by a panel of excellent teachers. Spirit Rock is one of the country’s oldest and most well known centers for Mindfulness (or... more »

Herbal Medicine

I sought out a few ways to expose myself to herbal medicine training. I took the Intro to Herbal medicine course at the Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies (http://www.ohlonecenter.org/) in Berkeley and a course on Herbs for the CNS at the California School of Herbal Studies (http://www.cshs.com/index.html) in Forrestville.... more »


Food and Nutrition as Medicine

I spent time shadowing Dr Elson Haas, MD, family physician, director of the Integrative Medical Center of Marin, and author of a number of books on nutrition, supplements, and overall healthy living in tune with nature. I also worked on a healthy cooking handout for patients to start or... more »

Acupuncture, OMT, IM4US conference

Acupuncture- Worked with Jimmy Wu and learned the Tan method of acupuncture OMT- worked with Katya and learned OMT Sports Med- Spent a few 1/2 day with Dr. Ty Affleck, but it was more of a shadowing experience IM4US- attended a conference in Boston, MA learned form amazing practitioners,... more »

American College of Lifestyle Medicine Annual Conference

Great conference with multiple nationally renowned speakers discussing the most up to date topics in the field, including nutrition, exercise science, health coaching, and stress management.

Dr Robert Rowen

Robert Rowen is one of the leaders in ozone/ oxygen therapy. He is an integrative medicine doctor in Santa Rosa, who when living in Alaska led political change in allowing integrative medicine to continue. He sees patients that other doctors cannot treat, and often times cures them completely. It... more »

Somatic Experiencing

I have been using some of my elective time this year to attend workshops in Somatic Experiencing, which is a modality for helping patients resolve trauma and learn to regulate their autonomic nervous system responses so that they have greater capacity for being embodied and dealing with life stressors.... more »


Robert Rowen shadowing

Robert Rowen is a world famous physician because of his expertise in ozone therapy, and he happens to be in Santa Rosa! I would very highly recommend shadowing him to see what ‘European style’ medicine can look like. His patients routinely get all better! Who knew medicine could be... more »

Humboldt County Private Practice

The Humboldt County Independent Practice Association is excited to set up an elective shadowing a variety of physicians in private practice and the FQHC system. I shadowed family docs, someone doing integrative med, a pediatrician, neurologist and there is opportunity to do OB as well and other subspecialties. Housing... more »

Functional Medicine / Time Restricted Eating / 7 Habits

I reviewed conference material from the Institute for Functional Medicine foundational course, including a focus on bowel disorders and the human biome. I also reviewed literature on time restricted eating and prolonged fasting and did my own experiential fasts. Finally, I reviewed a professional development framework and book called... more »

Integral QiGong Training

This was a weeklong immersive Integral QiGong Practice Leader Certification program. The curriculum ranged from the philosophical basis of QiGong to the physiologic benefits. We learned how to teach basic and accessible mind body practices to any audience.