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Internal Medicine

ICU Care

Spent a day of elective selective shadowing Dr. Lamb in the ICU. Got to focus on intensive care, ultrasound skills and examining complicated cases.

ICU Care

I spent one full week of my elective time working with Dr Stafford and Dr Lamb in our ICU at Sutter rounding on patients each morning, working to developing a care plan with the ICU attending, and doing procedures under their guidance. I was given the freedom to see... more »

Inpatient Medicine at Kaiser

For my elective I did inpatient medicine admitting shifts at Kaiser Santa Rosa. I had the opportunity to admit many complex patients with diverse diagnoses as well as to respond to floor calls and codes. I worked mainly with Drs. Helen Hammer, Felicity McNichol and John Mihalik. I also... more »

Inpatient Medicine at Kaiser Santa Rosa

For my elective selective, I worked several “E” shifts at Kaiser Santa Rosa. I worked admitting patients to observation and inpatient status. It was a very high-yield experience as I typically did six admissions or so in an eight hour day and did not have to respond to floor... more »

Radiology with Dr. Schibel

Dr. Schibel, Lord of Retired Radiology, will spend as little or as much time with you focusing on reading XRs and CTs on a light box in his house. Can choose a focus as he has many scans available. Great starting points for IM and ED work are CXRs,... more »


Rural Louisina IM (Outpt/Inpt/ICU)

I spent 1 week working with a Internal Medicine physician Dr. Chuck Metz in rural Louisiana. He has a private outpatient practice, but also follow his patients in the local hospital and ICU.

Natividad Inpatient Medicine

Natividad Medical Center in Salinas has several inpatient services staffed by residents, and one service that is currently only staffed by hospitalists. I did an elective 2 week away rotation working one-on-one with the hospitalists (both family medicine and internal medicine) who staff that service. I saw approx 10... more »

Inpatient medicine – ICU and hospitalist

For my elective selective I spent mornings in the ICU working with Dr. Stafford and Dr. V, and afternoon in clinic. I rounded on non-resident patients and did procedures as the came up, as well as did some formal teaching with each of them. The days were hit and... more »

Inpatient Medicine at Kaiser SR

Inpatient medicine at Kaiser Santa Rosa, rotation with hospitalist group