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Language Immersion

Marie Stopes Mexico City

I spent one very busy, fun, and educationally rich week at the Marie Stopes clinic in Colonia Roma in Mexico City. Marie Stopes is a reproductive health organization based in the UK that is a major actor in providing safe and legal access to abortions worldwide. The Roma clinic... more »

Public Health and Spanish Language in Nicaragua

Medical Care: The Centro de Salud in San Juan Del Sur is a very well-functioning regional health center with medical visits (“consultos”) each day as well as a small emergency room and low-risk deliveries. In order to work there you should contact “Teri” or Maria Teresa Vasquez the head... more »

!A Tu Salud! – Spanish language course

!A Tu Salud! Classroom course is for intermediate-level Spanish improvement specifically developed for healthcare workers. It is about $55 (2009 version) on Amazon and comes with a DVD featuring a health-related telenovela and a fat workbook full of exercises and review materials. I found it really useful and believe... more »

Celas Maya Language School & Centro de Salud

Celas Maya is a Spanish language school in Guatemala’s second largest city, Quetzaltenango (aka Xela). Celas Maya provides one-on-one language classes with a Spanish teacher, up to 5 hours per day. They will additionally arrange for a home-stay with a local family and clinical experience based on the student’s... more »

Abortion training in Mexico DF

I spent a rich month in Mexico City working at the abortion clinics CIPA and Acompanme. These clinics are run by a husband and wife (she is a generalist and he is a surgeon). They are leaders in abortion care in Mexico and throughout Latin America – having trained... more »


Independent Spanish study

As I’d never formally taken Spanish, I used this time to study the basics using “Medical Spanish: A Conversational Approach” text and CD, Rosetta Stone, and some other text and audio resources I checked out from the local library. I also hired a tutor to spend a few hours... more »

Instituto de Lenguajes

One-on-one Spanish classes tailored perfectly to my skill level, with three different teachers over a 2-week period. Reading, writing, and conversational Spanish while staying in an on-site bungalow.

Independent Spanish Study

I spent my elective time studying Spanish and found it to be very valuable. I took a Community Education class at the SRJC with Patsy Young, which met weekly and included home reading and writing assignments. I found our textbook, “Practical Spanish Grammar” by Marcial Prado to be very... more »

Spanish Immersion

I chose to travel to Ecuador, which allowed me to travel and experience a South American culture while learning Spanish that is very similar to the Mexican and Central American Spanish that is spoken by many of our patients. The Spanish school that I went to was called Yanapuma... more »

Spanish self-study

I opted to use Elective Selective time to do self-study in Spanish. I used the book Medical Spanish: A Conversational Approach, which comes with an audio CD and was a very useful resource. I also purchased a 3-yr subscription to Rosetta Stone to use on my phone and home... more »


Spanish immersion in Costa Rica

I did a 2-week Spanish immersion in Costa Rica with classes in medical Spanish through the Institute for Spanish Language Studies. During my two weeks in La Fortuna, I stayed with a host family, and a private Spanish tutor came to the house for four hours of lessons per... more »

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

I went to Costa Rica for a Spanish Immersion course through the Institute for Spanish Language Studies (ISLS). It was a phenomenal experience that I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a great cultural immersion and improve their Spanish. My Spanish was low intermediate before... more »

Spanish immersion

Ranked one of the top Spanish language schools in the world, the Montanita Spanish school lived up to its reputation! Very well run, with either group or private classes available, and if you have weeks, you can do a medical Spanish program in which you work in the local... more »

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

I went to Costa Rica for a Spanish Immersion course through Intercultura School in Samara Beach, Costa Rica. It was a phenomenal experience that I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a great cultural immersion and improve their Spanish. The family I stayed with was... more »

Spanish classes in Cusco, Peru

I spent 2 weeks in Cusco, Peru, taking Spanish classes with Yesica Pacheco at the Cusco Spanish School in the mornings and doing Spanish immersion, discovering the Cuscena culture and history, etc, when I wasn’t taking Spanish classes. It’s a beautiful place to do an elective with amazing history... more »


Spanish Immersion in Guatemala

I spent two weeks at Pop Wuj, a Spanish language immersion program that provides one-on-one lessons in conversational Spanish and maintains several outreach projects in the community. I enrolled in the Medical Spanish Program and as a part of this cohort I completed cultural competency courses, volunteered at the... more »

Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Enrolled in 2-week conversational and medical Spanish classes at the Coastal Spanish Institute. School has opportunities to stay with local host families, participate in cultural immersion activities, and even add on surfing lessons. Class sizes were small, teachers were great, town and beach were lovely. Excellent way to advance... more »

Child Family Health International

2wks of working in a Centro de Salud in a rural setting in Puerto Escondido. Seeing variety of acute health complaints daily. Also have the opportunity to do more hospital work vs more maternity care if desire. Includes Spanish course bases on current Spanish speaking ability and get to... more »

Spanish Language School in Oaxaca, MX

I took Spanish language classes at the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca (ICO). It was beautiful and the quality of instruction was very high, focused primarily on speaking. I took general Spanish classes in the morning and then arranged private medical Spanish tutoring in the afternoons. The school also has... more »

Spanish Immersion Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio Spanish School

I spent my elective away doing Spanish Immersion in Manuel Antonio. I took private classes for 4 hours/day and stayed with a Costa Rican family in the nearby town of Quepos. The instruction was very high-quality and they were very easy to communicate with to plan the trip. This... more »


Spanish in Puerto Escondido

2 weeks of intensive spanish language immersion in La Experiencia Spanish School in Puerto Escondido, ~8 hours a day. -1/3 spent on conversational classes, 1/3 on grammar, and 1/3 on medicine/miscellaneous topics. 2/3 group classes, 1/3 individual.

Spanish Language at Centro Maya Xela

During my two weeks of language immersion at Centro Maya Xela Language School in Xela, Guatemala, I worked one-on-one with language tutors to improve my conversational and medical Spanish. They personalize your lessons, and provide you with resources to continue learning after you’ve left. The school also arranges home-stays... more »

Online Medical Spanish Course

I completed the medical Spanish course through the Canopy app, which is endorsed by the NIH. They review general medical topics (like metabolic syndrome, trauma, discharge planning, well baby visits, depression) to help you learn and practice appropriate vocabulary in a variety of formats. Each lesson also includes some... more »