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OB Skills Elective

Under the guidance of Dr. Erin Lunde I spent 3 weeks of elective selective working to really refine my OB procedural skills, including knot tying, c-section skills, laceration repair, circumcisions. This included one on one sessions with FP attendings, including Tom Neal, Enrique Sanchez, in addition to Erin Lunde... more »

Santa Rosa Women’s Health and Birth Center

During my elective, I had the opportunity to shadow and work alongside the midwives at the Birth Center. The midwives are great teachers, and I enjoyed learning about their practice model. I learned quite a few handy tips that I plan to put into my own practice. The midwives... more »

CPMC Ultrasound

I spent time working with the Perinatologists and ultrasonographers at CPMC. I had the opportunity to practice obstetrical ultrasound further than we normally have during our couple hours on our OB rotation.


I attended the four day AAFP Maternity and Child Health conference in Madison, Wi along with other residents and faculty. This was an excellent review in the basics as well as introductions to new topics and good networking for fellowship opportunities. I also served as a back up on... more »

AAFP Maternity Care conference

Attended the 4 day conference, this year held in Madison, WI. It was excellent learning, mostly appropriate for our level of training, and quite fun. Highly recommend if you’re interested in doing OB in any form after.


ALSO Course

Attended 2 day ALSO course and received certification. Great for those residents who are unable to attend during R1 year and want to get certified early in R2 year.

Full-Scope Family Med in Rural NC

I spent 1 week working with a grad from our program (Amy Marietta) who now works in Western NC in an FQHC there, as well as at the local hospital doing OB call. I also spent some time working with clinic’s community outreach team and financial assistance team.

Santa Rosa Women’s Health and Birth Center

I spent a full 2 weeks of elective away working with the wonderful midwives at the Santa Rosa Birth Center. I was on call 24/7 for births and was able to attend one birth center birth and one hospital birth. I also spent many days in clinic shadowing the... more »


NRP renewal done at Health Resource Kidsake in Santa rosa. Recommend to try to do NRP during elective time. It is also helpful to do this outside of Sutter to get an outside perspective on newborn resuscitation.

Sutter Lakeprot Rural OB

I worked with Dr. Pflum on L&D at Sutter Lakeport, a 5 bed unit. I took first call for L&D patients and triage. Over 4 days I did 4 NSVDs, supervised by Dr. Pflum in the same practice model we use on L&D at Sutter Santa Rosa. There is... more »


Birth Doula Training

This was a weekend long birth doula training hosted by a lovely doula with 20 years of experience at her home in Alameda. It was great to get more experience and practical training that will be useful in supporting laboring women (eg breath work, comfort measures) and to be... more »

OB/GYN Elective

During these two weeks I took call with the midwives at the birth center, shadowed at the CPMC US clinic, attended pelvic floor therapy classes, and spent time in New Beginnings Clinic. The CPMC US clinic was helpful to understand the process of anatomy US, but the pelvic floor... more »

Lactation Consulting Online Course

The first step in becoming an Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant for physicians is to take a 90-hour course on breastfeeding. This course is administered online through a few websites, and there are also intensive in-person courses (though not locally, from what I could find). I chose the program available... more »