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Food, Nutrition, and Medicine

I worked on an organic farm through WOOF (world wide organization of organic farms) in Galicia, Spain for a month with Miguel and his family (3 young kids and wife). It was wonderful and a great experience to get your hands in the dirt and taste what fresh veggies... more »

Public Health in the Makah Nation

This elective is focused on public health on the Makah Nation, located at the Northwest tip of the Olympic Peninsula. Last year they obtained a grant from the CDC to focus on community transformation. Together as a tribe they are striving to improve the health of the community. In... more »

Maternity and Motherhood Elective

The attached form provides information on logistics for taking EA time with a new baby. Tara Scott has an outline for the full EA activities including articles to read, etc. Additionally consider the following resources: Breastfeeding: – Breastfeeding Made Simple -by Mohrbacher – Lactation Management Pocket Guide by Cadwell... more »

Carreer Exploration

Spent the month of February working with recruiters and potential employers. Interviewed with 5 practices after visiting several locations and exploring the clinical opportunities in central and northern New Mexico.

Buprenorphine training

I enrolled in the 8 hour on-line course to receive a license to prescribe buprenorphine. The cost was $200. The course is organized by Clinical Tools, Inc with a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The course is designed for primary care providers wishing to prescribe buprenorphine... more »


Board Review

Materials for board review:     1. First aid for the family medicine boards: helpful quick summary and reminder of specific recommendations, differential diagnoses, and workup/management of illnesses. 2. AAFP practice board questions: very helpful. Consists of 10 question per block in specific fields (cardiology, geriatrics, etc) and random... more »

Nutrition Elective

I spent my time during this elective expanding my knowledge and resources around nutrition as it relates to healthcare in the family practice setting. My two weeks were comprised of several activities: 1) CME courses through the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Website. These are well organized and comprehensive... more »

Dental Center Rotation

Residents will learn how to perform an oral health screening on children and adults as well as how to deliver oral health and nutritional information to the patient. They will also learn how to perform caries risk assessments and how to clinically diagnose visual decay. Residents wil be able... more »

Inpatient palliative care

I spent a few days working with the inpatient palliative care/hospice team at Kaiser. They follow end-of-life patients and other patients who need POLST forms filled out prior to discharge. It was useful for ongoing exposure to these topics, but not the highest yield for my time.

Transgender Health

I worked with Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis on Thursday evenings. She holds a transgender clinic every Thursday from 6-9pm that alternates between the two locations. Suegee is a critical leader in trans health and shares both great clinical knowledge in addition to the history of trans health. You see patients... more »


Independent Spanish study

As I’d never formally taken Spanish, I used this time to study the basics using “Medical Spanish: A Conversational Approach” text and CD, Rosetta Stone, and some other text and audio resources I checked out from the local library. I also hired a tutor to spend a few hours... more »


I rounded in the ICU every morning and then did clinic in the afternoons. It was a great rotation, especially on days I worked with our core ICU doctors. It is a bit hard to arrange that though. I was typically choosing a few patients (that were not resident... more »

Workshop at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Amazing workshop in community, ecology, land, people, groups, consensus decision making, gardening, creating common vision.

Wilderness Medicine training

I attended an Advanced Wilderness Life Support course in Banff, Alberta Canada, and did extra field training and independent study to further my wilderness medicine skills. This was a quality training that significantly improved my preparedness for wilderness emergencies. It has also inspired me to go on and acquire... more »

Radiology with Dr. Schibel

Dr. Schibel, Lord of Retired Radiology, will spend as little or as much time with you focusing on reading XRs and CTs on a light box in his house. Can choose a focus as he has many scans available. Great starting points for IM and ED work are CXRs,... more »



Spent time doing personal research for publication working with the ABFM, Robert Graham Center, Center for Primary Care Excellence, and Family Medicine for America’s Health.

Career exploration

For my elective away I did a career exploration. I went on multiple job interviews, shadowed former residents in local community clinics and worked with a solo family physician doing rural family medicine. Although I’m still not completely sure what I am doing when I graduate, I do have... more »

Primary care conference

Pri-med is a 3 day conference in Houston, Texas that provides high yield primary care lectures with a variety of topics such as CHF, rheumatology, diabetes care, preventative medicine and many more. Very useful review on medical topics and becoming up to date on changes in treatment options.

Primary care conference

UCSF CME conference that focused on antepartum and intrapartum management. This 3 day conference focused on various aspects of prenatal diagnosis, ultrasound, antepartum conditions, maternal complications of pregnancy, fetal heart rate interpretation management of fetal heart rate patterns, potential complications of pregnancy and appropriate management. High yield information that... more »

Palliative Care Shadowing

I worked with the some of the palliative care physicians associated with Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, including Gary Johansen, Scott Eberle, and Austin Sue, to gain more experience in palliative care. With them I was able to attend interdisciplinary rounds at Memorial Hospice, do several home visits, take inpatient... more »


Development of Diabetes Spanish Group

Worked with Dr. Kohatsu and various Clinic Staff Physicians and Nurses in developing a curiculumn for the Spanish Diabetes Group. In addition translated many of the English Diabetes group material to Spanish.Gathered further Spanish health education to be available to use in the group.

POCUS course and Primary Care Psychiatry Conference

Contra Costa POCUS course -2 day intensive point of care ultrasound training at CCRMC. Very high yield, hands-on, and extremely pertinent training on how we can utilize US as clinicians California Psychiatric Association: Primary Care Psychiatry Conference in Las Vegas, NV -2 day conference on pearls of diagnosis and... more »


Utilized AAFP Board Study Questions and Articles for Board studying. In addition reviewed Old In -training exams. Also used First Aid for the Boards to read on any topics I needed further review on. Searched for outpatient clinic Jobs in Sonoma County and developed list of places of which... more »

Advocacy Writing

During cycle 13, we had spent some time introducing ourselves to advocacy writing. We had some rough drafts of resolutions to submit to the CAFP. I spent some time finishing the resolutions for advocating against the use of antibiotics in livestock and submitted it to the CAFP. I also... more »

Online Billing Course

This is a 24-hour course on inpatient and outpatient billing that can be done at your own pace (anticipate needing more time to process / do a little additional research). The inpatient portion of this course is the same course that our hospitalist service is expected to complete before... more »


Writing Elective

Writing elective -Got started on my interview project with residents and faculty -Worked on publish-able piece based on previous elective away experience -Got started on draft of play

Clinic Management

For my elective selective, I spent time shadowing support staff at our clinic as well as several other clinics. The day that I spent shadowing our support staff was invaluable on multiple levels. Not only did it help me to understand better how our clinic functions, and in turn... more »

Advanced Wilderness Life Support

This was a well-organized, succinct course that made me feel more comfortable with triaging and managing difficult medical situations in the wilderness with minimal resources, including what to do in lightening strike scenarios, how to splint for various types of fractures and sprains, how to manage complications of altitude... more »

Correctional Medicine

I spent a week working at the Correctional Medical Facility in Vacaville, CA. This is the “medical prison;” ie where all prisoners with chronic medical conditions are transferred. There are primary care doctors as well as areas that function more like inpatient, SNF, and ED settings. They also have... more »

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Primary Care in China

Spent two weeks in Beijing, China at the Yuetan Community Health Service Center. Founded in 1996, it was the first primary care clinic in China. Given that primary care is relatively new in China, it was very interesting to see the ways in which our two systems differ. They... more »



I created my own POCUS elective to spend more time learning about the principles of POCUS and gainhands-on experience using POCUS in the hospital.


I created my own POCUS elective to spend more time learning about the principles of POCUS and gainhands-on experience using POCUS in the hospital.