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Working in the peds ED with peds-ER and ER attendings. Best shift/busiest is 3-11pm. More details as I actually do the elective.

Memorial Inpatient Pediatrics

Followed a model similar to the rounding experience at Kaiser as an R1. Had very high volume when I was working there – rounded on an average of 3-6 kids. The attendings were helpful and very interested in discussing new evidence and guidelines for appropriate care. I saw many... more »

Adolescent Medicine

Elsie Allen houses a Santa Rosa Community Health Center within their school but serves adolescents in all of Santa Rosa (and maybe outside as well). Many students from other schools get their primary care there. You’ll work with their Nurse Practitioner who runs the clinic. You see patients on... more »

Pediatric Urgent Care and Kaiser

I worked in Kaiser’s urgent care pediatric clinic on the weekends during my elective. Seeing kids for acute visits was a great learning experience; the pediatricians taught me all kinds of great tips and tricks; and I learned some about charting in Kaiser’s system and using Epic. Highly recommended.

Early Start Childhood Education

Through Early Start and Head Start I attended several home visits of children aged 0-3 with identified special needs. I also observed and helped with summer playgroups for speech development some of which included parents and a component of teaching the parents how to encourage speech in their children... more »


Mark Sloan-Outpatient Pediatrics

Spent a few mornings shadowing Dr. Sloan seeing patients at Petaluma Health Center. Busy enough that I got to see more of his style and approach to common (and less common) pediatric complaints, but also slow enough for ample time to chat and pick his brain about a range... more »

Trauma-informed healthcare, accountable communities for health

During this elective, I learned about trauma-informed healthcare in pediatrics. I discussed the trauma screening initiatives at Roseland and Elsie Allen with Dr. Kieschnick, who leads the trauma-informed healthcare lecture series, and I gathered resources that we can use as healthcare providers to minimize the impacts of potentially-traumatic hospital... more »

outpatient pediatrics

Work along side Dr. Brian Prystowsky in his pediatric clinic at Sutter seeing a wide variety of pediatric patient from acute care visits from rashes to URI illnesses as well as newborn visits/well child visits and even some procedures (frenulotomy). Enhance your pediatric medical knowledge and patient counseling skills.

Pediatrics with Dr. Brian Prystowsky

This is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with Dr. Brian Prystowsky, Pediatrician Extraordinaire, on bread and butter counseling and management of all ages of pediatrics. Dr. Brian has a very loving and thorough way of taking care of his patients, takes ample time to counsel families, and does... more »

Care of Preterm Infant

While on my last week AMS medicine, I talked my cousin through a placental abruption and she gave birth of 30 week twin boys. They had several common complications, and I took this elective time to learn what it is like to care for a premature child once it... more »


Specialty OP Peds @CHO

Outpatient rotations are generally 1 specialty per 2 week elective, but I explained given my specialty of Family Medicine I would be most appreciative of learning from several specialties in order to maximize my time there. Ended up learning with Peds Cards, Peds Rheum and Peds Derm. Overall great,... more »

Pediatric/Adolescent Medicine MER AAP Conference

For this elective, I attended the Pediatric/Adolescent Medicine MER/AAP Conference held in Maui. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to brush-up on up-to-date practices in pediatric GI, neuro, endocrine, and adolescent medicine specifically. I supplemented the conference by completing an additional week of online course training in adolescent psychiatry... more »


I spent 1.5 weeks working with the outpatient dermatology team at CHO. This was a great elective to review both “bread&butter” outpatient peds derm (eczema, fungal infections, acne, allergic reactions, etc), as well as review more atypical presentations and vascular presentations, and what/when to refer peds derm patients. The... more »

Primary Care Pediatrics Conference

This CME conference is designed to provide pertinent updates to those who provide primary care to kids and adolescents. They get excellent specialist lecturers to focus on topics that pediatricians request and that are generally less well covered in training. I found it to be well run, well taught,... more »

Outpatient pediatrics and primary care for homeless patients

I used my ES time to gain more knowledge and exposure in both outpatient pediatrics and primary care for homeless patients. I spent the majority of the time working with Dr. Prystowsky at his Sutter pediatrics clinic and with Dr. Garrison-Jakel at his homeless clinic in Guerneville.


Newborn Sleep Elective

Newborn Sleep Elective – I read several books with regards to various theories and principles behind newborn sleep, useful both for selfish and patient-centered reasons

Adolescent Medicine

I spent M-F working in school based teen clinics. worked with CHO faculty and residents. Care for adolescents including: eating disorders, MSK, gyn and sexual health, well visits, mental health, etc. great option for adolescent health exposure and great teaching!