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Met with Dr. Scheibel Thursday morning and did US on the team patients. Useful for learning the anatomy and practicing general surveys. Then, on onother 1/2 day can do the CD – check with Heike.

Ambulatory Chief & Women’s Health Procedures & Career Development & FPC Clinic

I spent 2 weeks supplementing my many FPC clinic days and Ambulatory Chief duties with time for womens health procedures including 2 full days at Planned Parenthood to do some advanced training in abortions and one morning at Southwest Community Health Center with Dr. Enrique Sanchez doing colposcopies. I... more »

Elective Selective: women’s health procedures

There was an extra Women’s Health block available during this cycle so I was able to do 2 weeks of mostly women’s health procedures. I did Vista TAB clinic, Vista colpo clinic (although I was again only able to do 1 colpo over the course of 2 clinics), and... more »

UCSF Critical Ultrasound Course

Excellent 2-day ultrasound course covering ER and primary care ultrasound. No OB/Gyn ultrasound included. Lots of hands on practice.

Abortion training in Mexico DF

I spent a rich month in Mexico City working at the abortion clinics CIPA and Acompanme. These clinics are run by a husband and wife (she is a generalist and he is a surgeon). They are leaders in abortion care in Mexico and throughout Latin America – having trained... more »


Procedures with Dervin

Spent time with Dr. Dervin doing in-office procedures. He’s a patient, low-stress, knowledgable teacher and an interesting human with whom to interact.

Joint Injections

I spent every Tuesday of my ES month with Carlo Ferrarone learning about and doing joint injections. He does many knee and shoulder injections. My confidence and skills doing these injections greatly improved during this time. Would recommend taking initiative and offering to do the procedures as he is... more »

POCUS course

There was no change from my elective experiences and what I wrote on my elective form. During my elective selective the primary bulk of my time was used attending a Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) course in Portland, OR and attending the AAFP Conference in Kansas City, MO. The... more »