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Rural Medicine

Rural Med in Washington State

Great full spectrum rural family medicine experience in clinic and at the local hospital. This included OB experience with MCH fellow and could include management of high risk pregnancies, C sections, colposcopy, D&Cs, med AB, and other clinic procedures. It was a wonderful experience with a great teacher and... more »

Zuni Indian Health Service

I spent two weeks at the Zuni Comprehensive Health Center in Zuni, New Mexico. During this rotation I worked 6 days per week with time split between different departments in the comprehensive center including: dental clinic, physical therapy, prenatal, group diabetes, urgent care, primary care clinic, home visits, teen... more »

Sutter lakeside

I spent 4 days at Sutter lakeside, with time shadowing on the inpatient medical/ICU floors, ED, and outpatient clinic. There are 2 family medicine clinics affiliated with the hospital, 2 cardiologists, 1-2 general surgeons, a couple orthopods, and the same ED group that works at the Sutter ER. Older... more »

Ukiah Inpatient Medicine

I spent two weeks working on the hospitalist service at Ukiah Valley Medical Center with an awesome group of family practice and internal medicine docs who cover the inpatient service as well as the ICU. It was a great opportunity to see what rural hospital care is like and... more »

Cloverdale CHC

I shadowed Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Fish on separate days at Cloverdale. I had the opportunity to see many Spanish speaking and OB patients, and see the unique difficulties faced by living 45 minutes north. Excellent Spanish experience, and great to have experience working in another local CHC.


Southwest WI Rural Medicine

Rotation through Vernon Memorial Hospital’s rural clinic sites. Including La Farge which has a large Amish population, the clinic has 2 in-clinic birthing suites exclusively for the Amish population, as well as a Genetic Clinic to study genetic disorders among the Amish (PKU). The other clinic is the Hirsch... more »

ED at Sonoma Valley ED

Spent multiple 12-hour shifts with Drs. Matel and Dolan in the SVH ED. Great experience for those interested in ED, rural medicine, or procedures. For those who want to get better at US, is a great experience because you can US normals and abnormals. Would totally recommend for learning!... more »

Radiology with Dr. Schibel

Dr. Schibel, Lord of Retired Radiology, will spend as little or as much time with you focusing on reading XRs and CTs on a light box in his house. Can choose a focus as he has many scans available. Great starting points for IM and ED work are CXRs,... more »

Full-Scope Family Med in Rural NC

I spent 1 week working with a grad from our program (Amy Marietta) who now works in Western NC in an FQHC there, as well as at the local hospital doing OB call. I also spent some time working with clinic’s community outreach team and financial assistance team.

Rural Louisina IM (Outpt/Inpt/ICU)

I spent 1 week working with a Internal Medicine physician Dr. Chuck Metz in rural Louisiana. He has a private outpatient practice, but also follow his patients in the local hospital and ICU.


Humboldt County Private Practice

The Humboldt County Independent Practice Association is excited to set up an elective shadowing a variety of physicians in private practice and the FQHC system. I shadowed family docs, someone doing integrative med, a pediatrician, neurologist and there is opportunity to do OB as well and other subspecialties. Housing... more »

Rural rotation along the coast 1.5 hours from Sutter

RCMS affords a very rural experience in a beautiful setting. You can work in their urgent care, which is a small 5 bed facility that has every level of acuity. It’s only labeled ‘urgent care’ in technicality (free-standing ERs are not permitted in CA, they must be associated with... more »

Rural FM on Arizona Border

There was no change from my elective experiences and what I wrote on my elective form. I posted to the web on my 2 weeks in Arizona under “Rural FM”, on April 8. I spent 2 weeks at 2 different FQHCs in Southern Arizona. The first week was in... more »

Humboldt County Community Health Centers

I spent two weeks seeing patients in several different clinic sites of the Open Door Community Health Centers in rural Humboldt County. I worked with multiple family medicine providers (including SRFMR grad Val Ebel) doing primary care in Arcata, Eureka, McKinleyville, and Fortuna. I got to see experience their... more »

Rural Family Medicine

Worked with seasoned family physician, Dr. Barry Bacon, at NEWHP clinic, an FQHC in Colville, Wa, 1 hour outside of Spokane. Worked caring for poor, working class population. Saw mix of peds, ob, and adult patients. Also had opportunity to perform procedures. Was great opportunity to work in rural... more »


Child Family Health International

2wks of working in a Centro de Salud in a rural setting in Puerto Escondido. Seeing variety of acute health complaints daily. Also have the opportunity to do more hospital work vs more maternity care if desire. Includes Spanish course bases on current Spanish speaking ability and get to... more »

Rural Family Medicine in Alaska

I spent a week at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) Clinic in Juneau, Alaska. I had previously spent six weeks with them at a more rural clinic in Haines, AK. Both experiences have been wonderful. It is a fantastic opportunity to see how a resource-constrained (in terms... more »