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Cardiology with Dr. Goyal

Working with Dr. Goyal in his cardiology clinic, I was exposed to a variety of cardiac conditions and their management by cardiologists, treatment approaches for common cardiac issues, and diagnostic testing and interpretation. Dr. Goyal will tailor the experience to topics of interest as much as he is able.

Reasearch in Pain Medicine

I was a primary author on a few primary research articles on buprenorphine.

HIV Elective (online and international)

I spent two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina during an elective that was partially completed online (and this part could be done from Santa Rosa). There is an online curriculum for HIV medicine that is free through the University of Washington and qualifies as CME as well. It is... more »

Nephrology (Brief) Elective

I spent two half days shadowing Dr Fritz of nephrology in both the peritoneal and hemodialysis units as well as in his outpatient clinic. He is a great teacher and has an excellent approach to care for patients. He also helped me frame when to refer patients and how... more »

Palliative Care/Memorial Hospice/Hospice of Petaluma

Spent time with Drs. Gary Johansen, Andrew Wagner, and Jenny Fish and nurses working in hospice and palliative care. Was able to do home visits with nurses, intakes with NSWs and RNs, and visits with MDs. Was also able to do office pain and palliative care visits with MDs.


Sub-specialty medicine

Spent time learning about sub-specialty medicine including dermatology, cardiology and ENT.


I spent elective time with Dr. Duckett and Dr. Fletcher at Sutter Urology. Reviewed 2 recent papers on evidence behind prostate cancer screening then was able to put this knowledge into practice working in clinic counseling patients about PSA screening and prostate cancer. Learned outpatient workup for common urologic... more »

Humboldt County Private Practice

The Humboldt County Independent Practice Association is excited to set up an elective shadowing a variety of physicians in private practice and the FQHC system. I shadowed family docs, someone doing integrative med, a pediatrician, neurologist and there is opportunity to do OB as well and other subspecialties. Housing... more »

Cardiology with Dr. Patel

I worked with Dr. Patel in his office a few half days during my elective time. I communicated with his scheduler, Debra Esposti (Debra.esposti@ncmahealth.com). Both Dr. Patel, and his wife, who he shares an office with are very knowledgeable and like to teach and tailor the experience to whatever... more »

Medical Ethics with Dr. Shashidhara

Dr. Shilpa Shashidhara is the bioethicist that we work closely with at Sutter Santa Rosa. She also works at other hospitals in the bay area. I spent several full days with her at St. Luke’s in San Francisco seeing patients, sitting in on family meetings, and discussing everything from... more »