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Women's Health

Ambulatory Chief & Women’s Health Procedures & Career Development & FPC Clinic

I spent 2 weeks supplementing my many FPC clinic days and Ambulatory Chief duties with time for womens health procedures including 2 full days at Planned Parenthood to do some advanced training in abortions and one morning at Southwest Community Health Center with Dr. Enrique Sanchez doing colposcopies. I... more »

Elective Selective: women’s health procedures

There was an extra Women’s Health block available during this cycle so I was able to do 2 weeks of mostly women’s health procedures. I did Vista TAB clinic, Vista colpo clinic (although I was again only able to do 1 colpo over the course of 2 clinics), and... more »

Abortion training in Mexico DF

I spent a rich month in Mexico City working at the abortion clinics CIPA and Acompanme. These clinics are run by a husband and wife (she is a generalist and he is a surgeon). They are leaders in abortion care in Mexico and throughout Latin America – having trained... more »

Hope Clinic for Women

I spent a week working at Hope Clinic for Women, which is a stand-alone abortion clinic just east of East St. Louis. I had exposure to first and second trimester abortions, up to 23 weeks. I also had the opportunity to perform dozens of dating ultrasounds for mainly first... more »

Coursera Public Health Courses

While local and while traveling for interviews, I was easily able to explore some areas of interest of mine in public health/women’s health using the Coursera website for online courses offered through Emory University: Childbirth: A Global Perspective and through UCSF: Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications. The... more »


Physicians for Reproductive Health

Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH) is a New York based reproductive advocacy organization that works with physicians and other allies to improve access to abortion and other health services for women. They have policy, clinical and advocacy arms. I worked as an intern with the organization for two weeks.... more »

Family planning in Washington DC

I spent two weeks at the Medstart Washington Health Center in Wash DC, working with 2 OB/Gyn’s in the Family Planning Dept. We did medication abortions up to 10 weeks, and MVA/EVA’s in clinic up until 16 weeks in clinic, and up until 26 weeks in the OR (generally... more »

Reproductive Health

Provided TABs and MABs at Santa Rosa Planned Parenthood and worked on independent research project for LARC use overseas in SE Asia.