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IM Fellowship


The fellow participates in a variety of clinical, administrative, educational, and self-care activities. We expect each fellow to graduate with practical skills in Integrative Medicine. In order to realize this we allow ample funding for CME conferences. This allows customization to meet the career goals of each individual fellow. We also arrange for specialized clinic time to practice these skills—biofeedback, acupuncture, OMT, hypnosis—depending on the specific needs of the fellow.

The fellowship curriculum begins with achieving competence in promoting lifestyle and behavioral change in the foundations of Integrative Medicine—nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, habits, interpersonal connections, spirituality. Basic supplementation, herbal medicine and an overview of complementary modalities for specific conditions are also covered, with specific emphasis as appropriate. The fellow gives regular Integrative Medicine talks, corresponding to his/her current educational pursuits.

In addition to the breadth provided by the core curriculum, each fellow is expected to choose one to two areas of expertise to explore in depth. This is accomplished through CME conferences, self-directed learning, interaction with faculty and community practitioners and is applied in their family practice continuity clinic.

The fellow serves as an attending in the Integrative Medicine Clinic, seeing patients along with their resident Primary Care Doctors, formulating treatment plans and being available for follow-up. The fellow also precepts in traditional Family Medicine resident clinics and participates in faculty inpatient medicine call.

This is a skill-based fellowship with emphasis on providing access to Integrative Medicine for traditionally underserved populations in a community health center-based residency program. The Fellow engages in a mixture of educational, administrative, teaching, and clinical duties. The goal is to create physicians skilled in the delivery and teaching of holistic family care while allowing personalization to meet the individual career needs of each fellow.

Upon completion of the Fellowship, the Fellow should feel competent to employ the principles of IFM in a wide variety of practice models.


In order to enhance the health of our patients and communities, The Santa Rosa Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship is committed to training physicians to incorporate holistic principles into the delivery of effective care to diverse and underserved populations.


  • Relationship based:
    Healing happens in the context of relationship.
  • Community connection:
    Meeting the needs of the population we serve.
  • Playfulness:
    Acknowledging the motivational and healing qualities of humor and play.
  • Openness:
    There is no one system that has all the answers.
  • Motivation:
    Working hard for positive change; willing to put in the effort it takes to bring a new idea to reality.
  • Balance:
    Finding the balance between professional passion and self-care.
  • Access:
    Healthcare is a universal right!
  • Effective care:
    Makes a positive difference in patients lives
  • Sustainability:
    Solutions must be real-world practical.
  • Wellness:
    Live it, Be it, Teach it!


This is a fellowship that is open to Family Medicine Residency graduates from and approved Family Medicine Residencies only (if you have not done a Family Medicine Residency you will not be able to precept family medicine residents).

This is a twelve-month long fellowship. Applicants should have completed their third year of residency by July 1 of the year of fellowship and be board-eligible.

This is both a teaching and learning fellowship. As a fellow you will be part of the faculty for the Santa Rosa Family Practice Residency.1.0 FTE fellowship position includes:

  •  0.7 FTE Clinical Time: A combination of continuity clinics, out patient precepting shifts, CAM clinics, IM Clinics, Urgent care clinics and skills clinics in the Family Practice Center.
  • 0.3 FTE Educational Time: for research, project planning-implementation and learning.

 Additional Details:

  • 20 days paid vacation 
  • 10 paid holidays
  •  20 days away for Education Events
  • UCSF Faculty Appointment
  • Faculty Inpatient Medicine Call
  • OB Call and In-Patient Medicine Supervision may be possible
  • Salary: Competitive PGY-4 salary
  • CME: $12,000/yr
  • Full Faculty Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Malpractice
  • Orientation Week: late August
  • Start Date: early September


Santa Rosa Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Application

For the Upcoming Academic Year
Overall Application Process / Timeline:

  1. We do accept applications from outside of the Santa Rosa Residency Program.
  2. You must have graduated or be about to graduate from an approved family practice residency.
  3. Outside applicants require a letter of support from the residency director and one additional letter of recommendation received by December 15th.
  4. We are accepting applications starting November 1 and they are due December 1. 
  5. Applicants will be invited for interviews in December.
  6. Final Decision will be given to candidates and announced mid January.
  7. Orientation Week: late August.
  8. Targeted start date: early September.

Screening Application: 3 parts (CV/Journey Statement/Additional Questions)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Journey Statement: Please describe your journey through medicine and how you envision incorporating Integrative Medicine into your career and life. (1 page essay).
  • Additional questions:
  1. What modalities are you interested in learning?
  2. How do you see integrative medicine fitting into a community health center clinic?
  3. What would you imagine yourself doing during the year: learning, teaching, special projects/passions, research, etc. ?
  4. How does this fellowship fit in with your career goals?
  5. Put the following list in order from 1-5 (or more, if you see fit) of your biggest passions that you would like to explore during the fellowship:

___ Research (engaging in active discovery & inquiry and sharing this knowledge with others)

___ Clinical application (helping create, run, and discover ways to help our patients)

___ Teaching (bringing this information to the residents and to the patients in an educational model)

___ Leadership (moving the entire paradigm of medical thinking in a new direction/creating change on a larger scale)

___ Personal growth (my own learning and growth as an integrative practitioner)

___ Other? __________________________________________________

Please Send Completed Screening Application via email to:
Ben Brown MD benbmd@gmail.com AND Wendy Kohatsu, MD wkohatsu@gmail.com

Download, View or Print the Santa Rosa Integrative Family Medicine Fellowship Application
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