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IM Overview

When we think about teaching and learning integrative medicine it is important to define a few terms.

What is IM?

IM stands for Integrative Medicine, our version of integrative medicine is simply good medicine.  It involves making as much effective-evidence-based therapies available to our patients and teaching clinicians and residents how to make this practical in the office visit.

What is IM4US?

IM4US is Integrative Medicine for the Under Served.  Integrative Medicine is often thought of as “boutique medicine” because it is often limited to those who have the extra money to afford it.  We have started a movement and joined forces with people from around the nation and Canada to seek out best practices, share handouts, talks, and collaborate on projects.  Friend us on facebook (IM4U) and check out our web site at im4us.org for 100’s of handouts, talks, and links.

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Treatment Pyramid

We use a simple way to start to transform the thinking of traditionally trained clinicians called the IM Treatment Pyramid.  It starts with what we aleady do well, diagnose disease, and then helps people organize and design a treatment plan based on the patients needs, resources, and beliefs. As a clinicians ‘tool box’ grows, so do the treatment options.  

To See What Our National Integrative Medicine for the Underserved (IM4Us.org) Program is Doing, 

You can go the IM4US website