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Core Rotations



The residency program considers maternity care an essential part of family medicine and emphasizes a family-centered approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Residents participate in a variety of high and low-risk deliveries. Our... more »


Emergency Medicine

Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital maintains a very busy community Emergency Department with approximately 30,000 patient visits per year. Residents on ED rotations work directly with staff Emergency Physicians to evaluate patients... more »

Internal Medicine

Adult Medicine

The goals of the adult medicine service are to know and to care. First-year and second- year residents take primary call, admitting patients through the emergency room (ER) and from the intensive... more »


Care of Children

Residents will learn about the care of children in a variety of settings throughout our community. The outpatient experience happens at several Santa Rosa Community Health sites: the Vista and Airway Campuses... more »

MSK/Sports Med

Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal

Care of the musculoskeletal systeminjuries is central to the trainingexperience of a family physician. The curriculum is designed to provide residents with extensive skill in caring for a wide range of musculoskeletal... more »




The surgery experience provides the skills necessary for family physicians who do not plan to integrate inpatient surgical care into their practice. There is an emphasis on pre- and postoperative care and... more »



Procedures training takes place during rotations and in continuity clinics in the Vista Family Health Center and at sites throughout the community under direct supervision. Family medicine faculty assist the residents in... more »


Specialty Experiences

The subspecialty medicine rotation is designed to expose residents to the highest yield specialty experiences for both adults and children. Residents work with rheumatologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, and endocrinologists at a variety of... more »



Throughout residency, residents will be exposed to older patients in many settings – hospital, short term post-hospital rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, hospice, and healthy community dwelling elderly. There is a specific geriatrics... more »


Women’s Health

Training in women’s health takes place both in continuity practice as well as on dedicated rotations. The Gynecology and Women’s Health rotations are devoted entirely to women’s health while two additional Procedures... more »


Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral Medicine

The behavioral medicine program is designed to help resident-physicians learn about the psychological aspects of medicine, how to forge therapeutic relationships with their patients, and how to understand their own professional socialization.... more »


Leadership and Professional Development

Being an exceptional family doctor for our communities requires more than just clinical acumen. The 3-year, longitudinal “Leadership and Professional Development” curriculum adds leadership and advocacy to the list of skills required... more »