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Devin Walsh-Felz, M.D., M.P.H.

University of Wisconsin; Devin was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. During college at UW-Madison she studied biology and global health, and spent a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. After college, fueled by the belief that health encompasses where we live, work, learn and play, she worked as a middle and high school tutorial facilitator for the local AVID program, which is aimed at closing the educational opportunity gap. She attended the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, where she also completed a Master of Public Health, exploring the healthcare experiences of individuals with a history of incarceration to help inform services in Milwaukee, WI. This work highlighted how factors such as poverty, racism and incarceration impact health and intersect with the healthcare system. Her experiences strengthened her resolve to be an active participant in creating more equitable and responsive healthcare spaces, and to be an advocate and partner at both an individual and community level. In her free time, Devin loves to travel (and try all the food!), hike, play board games with her four siblings, and read. Never having grown accustomed to the Wisconsin winters, Devin is thrilled to be joining the Santa Rosa community.

Residency Year: Year 3