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Joseph Matel, M.D., OB Faculty

Joe Matel, MD, grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota. He did undergrad at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN. Joe then took a few years to travel the world, lived and loved Australia, surfed sometimes, and procured his Irish citizenship. He met his wife while volunteering in AmeriCorps*VISTA in Monterey County, helping people who were homeless find housing. He then attended the University of Minnesota, Duluth, Medical School before graduating from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2006. He made his rank list over two Pliny’s at the Russian River Brewing Company – is it any surprise he ended up at Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency from 2006-2009? During residency, Joe confirmed his love of delivering babies and decided to do an OB fellowship at the University of New Mexico. To this day, Joe counts himself lucky to share one of the most important moments in a person’s life with their family by welcoming their baby to the world! After New Mexico, Joe spent 3.5 years doing full spectrum, rural, family and emergency medicine in Brewster, WA. In true small-town fashion, Joe was chair of the OB and ED departments at his small hospital. After paying off his loans with the NHSC, Joe moved back to California for the third (and hopefully, last) time. This time he brought his wife, Brianna, and 2 wonderful children, Quinn Wellstone and Conor Joseph Pliny, with him. Joe is excited to be back at Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency and looks forward to teaching the residents obstetrics, preventive primary care, emergency medicine, addiction, POCUS and how to wean patients off the scourge of opioids for chronic, non-cancer pain. You may find him on L&D, in clinic, staffing a local ED, running far and wide throughout the North Bay, organic gardening, taking his 1980 VW “Jerry” bus on camping trips throughout the west, soaking up more sun than his Irish skin can take, or having his favorite oat soda at the Russian River Brewing Company.

Alumni Year: 2009