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Lara Crystal-Ornelas, M.D.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Lara was born and raised in New Jersey with four older brothers and maintained strong connections to her family roots in Mexico City while growing up. She studied Spanish translation at Brown University and enjoyed taking as many art classes at the Rhode Island School of Design as possible, including manual photography, letter pressing, and book making, which she still enjoys today. After college, she worked as a farmer, beekeeper, and volunteered as an artist mentor through NGOs in downtown Providence, where she collaborated with underserved youth using poetry, music, and book-making as empowering tools for social change. Her commitment to community advocacy and health justice among immigrant populations led her to choose a career in Family Medicine. She has strong interests in family planning, obstetrics, integrative medicine, and increasing diversity in the field of medicine. During her free time, she enjoys riding her bike, live music, making & drinking tea, and getting her hands in the soil.

Alumni Year: 2020