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Rachel Friedman, M.D., Fellow, Integrative Medicine 2011-2012

Rachel grew up along the Jersey Shore with a strong belief in serendipity and positive reframing. After enduring the winters and sarcasm of the Northeast while earning her B.A. in history of science from Harvard and her medical degree from Yale, she finally saw the sunlight and found herself at the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, graduating in 2011. While in medical school, Rachel founded the Yale Integrative Medicine Program and was awarded an NIH grant to conduct a now published clinical trial measuring the physiological effects of Reiki on post-MI hospitalized patients. In keeping with her passion for innovative education and healthy food, she worked with Dr. David Katz on his Nutrition Detectives school-based curriculum and textbook for clinicians. While in residency, Rachel brought her passion for healthy food access to her underserved population, collaborating with local farmers markets to create the Sonoma Alliance for a Veggie Outreach Revolution, debuting “Supermarket Doctors Visits’, and working with co-residents and faculty to create a new residency curriculum (and future fellowship) in food advocacy. Rachel’s other professional interests include community building, health coaching, Ayurvedic medicine, HeartMath/biofeedback, and hands-on healing. In her “spare time”, Rachel enjoys trail running, writing medical musicals and screenplays, hosting smartphone salons, and adventuring in and around Sonoma County with her favorite winemaker/partner in crime.

School: Yale University

Fellowship: Integrative Medicine

Alumni Year: 2011

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Work: 707-583-8800