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Ray Mak, M.D.

After growing up in the suburbs of the Bay Area, Ray decided to migrate south and become an anteater at UC Irvine, where they found community and chosen family in Hansori, UCI’s traditional Korean drumming club. Through drumming, Ray found an avenue to celebrate their love for different cultures and collaborate with nonprofits advocating for social change. Ray also became a committee chair for UCI’s Reclaim Mental Health Conference to challenge the stigma on mental illness, which disproportionately affects many of the communities that they are a part of. Ray went on to attend medical school at the UVM Larner College of Medicine in the beautiful Green Mountain State. While traveling around for clinical rotations, Ray took many road-trip adventures in a Smart car throughout the Northeast. They also participated in a six-week global health elective in Thailand, where they reflected heavily on the intersections of their identity as a queer and trans Chinese-American medical student finding their way in a foreign country. After four snowy winters, Ray is very excited to return to their home state to train as a full-spectrum family physician. Their clinical interests include LGBTQ health, mental health, addiction medicine and advocacy in healthcare. Outside of medicine, Ray enjoys thrift shopping, strumming their ukulele, taking naps in the grass, and going on sunny adventures.

Residency Year: Incoming