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Sameena Ahmed-Buehler, M.D.

University of Minnesota Medical School; Sameena was raised in a bi-racial family in Minnesota by a mother from a small Minnesotan Catholic farming community and a Muslim father who is an immigrant from urban Bangladesh.  She had the privilege, in elementary school, of living in Beijing, China and traveling worldwide with her family.  It is likely that gift of a childhood living, playing, and learning with people whose lives were vastly different from her own that inspired her to choose a career in medicine and choose to work with people for whom our current health system does function.  She was exposed to new ideas and learned how to think critically through a liberal arts education at Carleton College.  And after college, she served a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with a free community health center.  Before medical school, she cared for people with dementia as a full-time program aide at Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay, and during medical school, she served as the Community Outreach Chair on the board for a student-run free clinic.  She also advocated against racial health disparities and mental illness discrimination with professional organizations such as the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians and the Minnesota Medical Association.  She is excited to work with people from immigrant, LGBTQ, unhoused, and racial minority communities, and her clinical interests include obstetrics, addiction medicine, palliative care, and mental health.  Outside of medicine, Sameena enjoys trail running, backpacking, and spending time with her spouse, sisters, and other family and friends.

Residency Year: Year 2