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Sophie MacArthur, M.D.

University of Washington; Sophie was born in central Texas but moved to the UK as an infant. They grew up in a tiny British farming community where they spent their childhood building forts in the woods and helping with their mother’s veterinary practice. They moved back to the US in their teens where they ultimately settled in the small town of Cobb, CA. They studied cultural geography in college and were active in political advocacy for international children’s rights. Together these experiences afforded a broad perspective on health but little opportunity to make a recognizable impact. They chose to pursue medical education out of a desire to more directly contribute to their community. Throughout their medical education they have maintained a focus on understanding the determinants of health and developing the skills to change them. Encounters in their clinical training emphasized how people’s experiences of their health can be as much shaped by their perspective on mortality, suffering, and uncertainty as by their underlying illness. Wishing to better support their patients in navigating these difficult topics, they expanded their medical education by a year for additional training in pastoral care and medical chaplaincy. Sophie intends to apply these skills to a career in rural family practice, addressing a holistic understanding of health including the physical patient’s pathology, the human patient’s goals and beliefs, and the community context which shapes them both. Outside of medicine, Sophie enjoys getting their hands in the dirt and is excited to see the fruits of that labor unfold as their home recovers from the 2015 Valley Fire.

Residency Year: Year 3