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Provider Resources

Community Resources

  • Sonoma County Homeless Resource Guide  Weblink  Date: 10/2011Download at the bottom left of the page. Resources for food, shelters, rehab programs, vocation, etc.
  • California Parenting Institute  Weblink  Date: 10/2011This is a great resource for classes on parenting, parenting apart, counseling for kids, etc. 
  • 211.org  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Sonoma County Community Resource Directory
  • Foodbank Info  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Link to Redwood Empire Food Bank “Get Food” page
  • Northern CA Center for Well Being  Weblink  Date: 03/2012Great resource in Santa Rosa – many classes on topics from movement through pain to chronic Dz to TOB cessation, etc. Sliding scale available.

Clinical Guidelines

  • Contraception Quick Start Algorithm  Weblink  PDF   by RHEDI  Date: 03/2012
  • Well Child Visit Overview by Age  Word Doc   by Cherie Green  Date: 03/2012
  • Contraception Eligibility Chart – WHO  PDF   by WHO  Date: 03/2012WHO Medical Eligibility Chart for Initiating Contraception – relative and absolute contraindications
  • Contraception Eligibility Chart – CDC  PDF   by CDC  Date: 03/2012CDC version of contraception eligibility
  • Outpatient Insulin Guidelines  PDF   by Sutter  Date: 03/2012
  • Urine Drug test cross reactivity  PDF  Date: 03/2012
  • Preventive Services Guidelines Guide  Word Doc  PDF   by Alana Benjamin MD  Date: 06/2010 A summary of recommendations from the most common prevention guideline recommendations (USPSTF, AAFP, ACOG, and others)
  • Acute Concussion Evaluation (ACE) Physician/Clinicial Office Version  PDF   by Gerard Gioia, PHD and Micky Collins, PHD  Date: 10/2012
  • Post Concussion Symptom Scale  PDF  Date: 10/2012
  • Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2  PDF  Date: 10/2012
  • Six Stages of Return to Play After a Concussion  PDF  Date: 10/2012
  • OB Checklist  Word Doc   by Erin Lunde  Date: 07/2013
  • Psychotropic Meds Quick Reference  PDF   by John Preston, Psy.D., ABP  Date: 02/2013
  • Referrals Guidelines SRCHC 2014  PDF  Date: 06/2014

Web Links to Guidelines

  • CDC IZ schedule  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Immunization Guidelines and Schedules
  • USPSTF Guidelines  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Links to all USPSTF guidelines for screening prevention
  • FRAX Calculator  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Calculator for 10-year probability of hip fracture and major osteoporotic fracture
  • NCEP: CVD Risk calculator  Weblink  Date: 01/2012
  • Framinham Cardiac Risk Score  Weblink  Date: 01/2012
  • PORT/Pneumonia Servity Index Score  Weblink  Date: 01/2012
  • DermNet NZ  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Excellent resource for derm clinical queries.  Includes nice descriptions and photos. 
  • Opioid Calulator  Weblink   by Global RPH  Date: 01/2012
  • Pogo Frog  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Medical search engine excluding consumer sites and attempts to specifically include only credible healthcare sites.
  • Outpatient MRSA Guidelines  Weblink  PDF   by Sonoma County Dept of Public Health  Date: 03/2012
  • Pediatric Environmental Toolkit  Weblink   by Physicians for Social Responsibility  Date: 03/2012Includes reference guide for providers, as well as health education materials on preventing exposures to toxic chemicals and other substances that affect infant and child health.
  • Bilitool  Weblink  Date: 03/2012Helps assess the risks toward the development of hyperbilirubinemia or “jaundice” in newborns over 35 weeks gestational age.
  • Fast Facts Palliative Care  Weblink  Date: 04/2012 Fact sheets on symptom management, prognosis, how to have conversations, how to pronounce a death, etc

Integrative Medicine Provider Resources

  • Integrative Medicine Clinic Patient Packet-English  PDF  Date: 06/2013 Please give this packet to your English speaking patients when referring them to IM Clinic.  An older Spanish version is available in ECW under letters until we get this translated. 
  • Vita Cost  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Great online source for low cost, good quality supplements
  • IM4US  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Integrative Med Handouts from IM for the Underserved website
  • Behavior Change Cheat Sheet p1  Word Doc   by Brown  Date: 10/2012
  • Behavior Change Cheat Sheet p2  Word Doc   by Brown  Date: 10/2012
  • Probiotics  PDF   by Wendy Kohatsu MD  Date: 07/2015

Patient Handout Links

OB Patient Handout Links

  • Kaiser OB Gyn Handouts  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Handouts in English, multiple topics, including pregnancy by weeks

MSK Patient Handout Links

  • Orthopedics Handouts from American Academy of Orthopedics  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Handouts on common topics, some exercises, in English and some Spanish
  • Kaiser PT Handouts  Weblink  Date: 01/2012

Pediatric Patient Handout Links

  • Pediatric Advisor  Weblink  Date: 10/2011Handouts in English and Spanish
  • Kaiser Peds Handouts  Weblink  Date: 01/2012Great handouts for early well child visits, as well as other peds topics
  • Growing Up Easier  Weblink   by Marie Mulligan MD  Date: 03/2012this site has an alphabetical list of issues with solutions. Written by our own Marie Mulligan MD 
  • HealthyChildren.org  Weblink   by American Academy of Pediatrics  Date: 03/2012Mostly in English, some Spanish information.  From well child visits to vaccines to car seat recommendations and more.

General Patient Handout Links

  • AAFP Patient Ed Materials  Weblink  Date: 12/2011
  • American College of Physicians  Weblink  Date: 02/2012
  • Mayo Clinic Patient Ed  Weblink  Date: 03/2012
  • Medline Plus Patient Ed  Weblink   by National Library of Medicine  Date: 03/2012Topics include diseases, drugs & supplements, as well as educational videos & tutorials