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University of California, San Francisco

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Learners will be provided an email with a link to the online portion of the ALSO Provider Course. Content consists of a pre-test; recorded lectures; online case studies; recorded workstation demonstrations; post-test and a course evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation and claiming of credit, the letter of participation will be accessbile electronically.

The letter of participation must be provided to the Course Sponsor as proof of successful completion of the course pre-work PRIOR TO participation in the Live Portion of the course.


Upon successful completion of the live course, the ALSO Course Sponsor is responsible for providing post-course documentation to the ALSO Program within 2 weeks. After the Course Sponsor has submitted all required post-course documentation, learners will be emailed letters of participation by the AAFP. For those who successfully complete both the online and the live portion of the course, wallet cards will be additionally included at the bottom of the emailed live course letter of participation.


 Time         Activity

8:00-8:15       Registration & Breakfast

8:15-8:30       Debrief & Review of Online Education (15 mins)

8:30-9:00       Lecture: Safety in Maternity Care (30 min)

Workstation Rotations

 (Learners are each assigned to a group and rotate amongst skills workstations simultaneously)

9:00-10:00     Shoulder Dystocia (60 min)

10:00-10:15  Break (15 min)

10:15-11:15   Emergency Breech Delivery (60 min)

11:15-12:15   Assisted Vaginal Delivery (60 min)

12:30-1:00    Lunch (30 min)

1:00-2:00      Maternal Resuscitation (60 min)

2:00-3:00       Postpartum Hemorrhage

3:00-3:15      Break (15 min)

3:15-4:30       Interactive Case Studies (75 min)

4:30-5:45       Group Testing (75 min)

5:45-6:00       Wrap-Up, Questions, Course Evaluations (15 mins)