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Engagement and Opportunities

Food Revolution

Our Philosophy: Focus on real, whole foods as a vital part of health and disease prevention. Emphasis on mindful purchase and consumption! Our Vision: Physician as health advocate & community... more »

Transgender Clinic

Founded in 2009 by then resident Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis, Transgender Clinic serves the health needs of north bay’s large and diverse gender-varient population.  Transgender populations have consistantly been shown to... more »

Resident-Physician Wellness

We know that residency is one of the most challenging periods in one’s professional development. Therefore we have created a multi-dimensional support system to help our family medicine residents succeed... more »

Fostering Diversity

The Sutter Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency has developed an innovative cross-cultural curriculum aimed at enhancing cultural awareness and emphasizing its value towards improving patient care.  The mission of our... more »

Community Engagement

We believe that in order to adequately serve the needs of a culturally and linguistically diverse patient population we must provide excellent training in community medicine. Our residency has a... more »


Cambodian Mental Health Group

Our clinic includes Loatians, Vietnamese and Cambodians who survived the years of war and genocide in their home countries (1960-1980) and now live in Santa Rosa.  Many of them have... more »

Health and Human Rights Clinic

This focus threads through all 3 years of residency, and includes an introduction to refugee health and international human rights during internship year, followed in subsequent years by more in-depth... more »