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Resident-Physician Wellness

People: Ritch Addison, Mariah Hansen

We know that residency is one of the most challenging periods in one’s professional development. Therefore we have created a multi-dimensional support system to help our family medicine residents succeed during the training years.

After orientation-week team building, each new class of residents starts with a dedicated Personal and Professional Development Group that meets every Thursday at lunch throughout the three years of the program. Each group is facilitated by a psychologist who remains with the group for all three years.  This group is a confidential time to check-in about the week, the stressors of residency, managing work/life balance, the way one is thinking or feeling, and to hear the stories of one’s peers.

We also have Balint groups for residents to present their challenging interactions with patients and explore the dynamics of the patient/physician relationship.

Our residency program strongly emphasizes community and connectedness.  There are many opportunities for residents and faculty to learn together as well as have fun together.  Dinners, exercise, yoga and tai chi classes, sports events, excursions, and poetry evenings are just some of the ongoing activities that help residents balance their work and life outside of residency.

Ritch Addison and Mariah Hansen, our Behavioral Medicine Core Faculty, are always available to talk about any issues that may arise.

We are committed to creating and fostering a supportive environment in which residents, faculty and staff can work together to help residents become outstanding family physicians.