Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency

The Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency, a UCSF affiliate, is situated 50 miles north of San Francisco. The redwoods, coastline, and vineyards of Sonoma County provide necessary respite during the intense experiences of residency training. 

  • unopposed, community-based program
  • trains full spectrum family physicians
  • multicultural, multilingual group of underserved patients
  • academically rigorous, innovative training
  • resident-driven education
  • humanistic approach to personal and professional development


In October 2017, there were unprecedented fires in Northern California, including Santa Rosa. Everyone in our residency program remained safe. Our clinic and hospital are still standing. In keeping with the goals and mission of our program, we were very busy managing the disaster and recovery efforts. In spite of the obvious impact to our community, we continued the operation of our residency program. Thank you for your support!